"What's included in the General Repair and the Overhaul categories?"
"How do I ship my camera to you?"
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This category includes the repair of specific malfunctions which require significant disassembly of the equipment. Minor parts are included up to 20% of the total cost. If major parts are needed, an estimate will be sent out before any work is done. If the revised estimate is refused there is no charge, except for return shipping. All necessary calibrations are performed to shutter, meter, and focus. Internal and external cleaning are included.

Minor repairs, such as replacement of light shield hinge foam, mirror cushions, leatherette covering, film door latch, flash feet, and battery covers can be done on a per job basis. Most of these types of repairs can be less than $20.
General Repair
Overhaul includes general repair above, if needed, and in addition, the replacement of worn parts and preventive maintenance work are performed to give your equipment many more years of service. If parts are no longer available for your equipment, the overhaul price will be adjusted accordingly, and you will be advised beforehand of the adjustment.
Shipping, handling, and insurance is a fixed $13 for up to 3 items, except for larger equipment such as projectors or some medium format cameras.

Place your equipment in a plastic bag along with a description of the problem, and pack in a box with at least a couple of inches of packing material surrounding it. Mail Boxes Etc., Federal Express, or the US Postal Service are convenient shipping methods; please insure for the value of your equipment. Ship to the following address:
404 N. Louisiana Ave.
Asheville, NC 28806